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Winter Survival Course

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The December Basic Winter Survival Course is full, so if you would still like to attend one, go ahead and sign up for the next one Feb 18-20. 

I'm writing this to help everyone understand the direction that I'm taking the Basic Winter Survival Course.  First of all, the course is only three days.  Because of that, the training is going to be pretty constant so that we can fit everything into the time that we have.  This class is not designed to prove how badly I can make you suffer.  It is designed to create a positive learning environment and educate the student on each of the subjects that we are covering.  This education will allow the student to make informed decisions on what equipment they like.  Additionally, the students will have a chance to learn and practice numerous survival skills.  This hand-on approach will show which skills they are good at and which skills need more practice. 

I'm not saying you won't get uncomfortable or cold or hungry or tired during the course.  You may, but that is not the goal of the training.  The goal of the training is to provide you with the realistic skills to get out of an emergency situation alive and healthy.   



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