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What is Charlie Mike?

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For those unfamiliar with military lingo, the term "Charlie Mike" may not mean anything to you.  So here's an explanation: 

In the military, particularly when speaking on the radio, it is normal to use the phonetic alphabet to avoid confusion.  For example, if I wanted to spell out the word "blog", I wouldn't say B-L-O-G.  I would say it Bravo Lima Oscar Golf.  So in the phonetic alphabet, the words "Charlie Mike" indicate CM.  So what is CM short for?  I'm sure you figured it out by now; Continue Mission.

The term Continue Mission has become synonymous with pushing on through adversity, no matter the obstacle, no matter the difficulties.  It means never quit until you have completed your mission.

I hope this helps, and yes, Charlie Mike is my real name.  Charles Michael, actually, but you get the point. 

Survive, Thrive and Continue Mission,

Charlie Mike out



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