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The Grilliput Duo

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I've been doing an evaluation of the new Grilliput packable grill.  This new grill is a very well made item that packs up incredibly small.  It's made of precision milled stainless steel and is extremely durable.  It weighs a little over a pound and packs up into itself to form a small tube about a foot long.  I've tried a couple of different methods of cooking with the grill and it has performed very well in every case. 

First, I tried the traditional way of cooking with the Grilliput over a small hardwood fire.  It worked very well, with a little residue left on the stainless steel from the meat (rabbit) and the fire.  This all washed off pretty easily.  The smaller tube of the grill has a slot on it to drag your grill bars through when you are cleaning it and this scrapes off most of the residue from the cooking.  Then I washed it with normal dishwashing liquid and hot water.  I used a scrubber pad to get the more stubborn spots clean and it came out great.  I rinsed it in hot water and then shook out most of the water.  I then let it air dry to make sure the inside was dry before packing it up. 

I also tried cooking with it over charcoal briquettes.  This method was a little cleaner because the charcoal didn't leave any residue on the grill like the hardwood did.  This would be a great method for a picnic because you could carry the grill with a little bit of charcoal and have freshly cooked food on your picnic.

Finally, I tried a less conventional cooking method utilizing part of the grill.  I took two of the center grill pieces, which are essentially just stainless steel rods, and skewered a piece of chicken on them.  I then stuck those pieces into the ground next to my campfire.  I pushed the rods into the ground deep enough that the chicken was just above the dirt.  I then covered the chicken with an old full sized coffee can.  The can was not touching the meat.  Once that was done, I pushed hot coals from the campfire all around the can and shoveled a scoop of coals on top of the can as well.  This created an "oven" effect and allowed the chicken to bake inside the can.  I switched out the coals a few times as they cooled, but it wasn't much work.  This method requires a little experimentation to learn how much time to cook, but it's an interesting twist and allows you to use your Grilliput in yet another way. 

The bottom line is that this is a great product and in my opinion, it's absolutely worth the weight in my pack.  I keep mine in my Go-Bag.  This grill with a stainless steel canteen and you have all your backwoods cooking needs covered.



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